The Crisis Experts is a global crisis support network managed by TALA. It spans several continents, with experienced team members ready to be deployed in Benelux, Sweden, Spain, USA, Brazil, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Offering a comprehensive suite of reputation management services, including crisis communication support and training, The Crisis Experts help ensure organisations can deliver professional and robust responses to the most challenging of events. 

Crisis Response Checklist

  1. Gather your crisis response team
  2. Inform CEO, your PR company and your lawyers
  3. Embrace a strategy, not tactics
  4. Consider your audiences and their information needs
  5. Execute your crisis plan
  6. Monitor coverage on social media and in the press
  7. Develop and execute your reputation repair strategy

We have helped prepare companies in a wide range of high-risk sectors, including industrial chemists, food manufacturers, consumer products, visitor attractions, sheltered housing providers and schools. 

Our bespoke programmes, tailored to the specific needs of each client, focus on preparedness and direct support during a crisis event as well as post-incident reputation recovery.

Our Services

Reputational Risk Management Workshops

Before implementing a plan to mitigate and manage potential risks to your reputation, you need to develop a thorough understanding of where crises could potentially arise. 

The Crisis Experts facilitate workshops, that bring together senior management and key team members to brainstorm and analyse reputational risks as well as the relative likelihood and impact. 

Our consultants will work alongside you to formulate business change strategies to mitigate identified risks, devise an escalation plan should a threat appear imminent and a full-scale crisis plan to address the actual event.

A full stakeholder audit and analysis exercise is kicked off during the workshop, with follow-up desk-based research to ensure accuracy and robustness of the information gathered.

The Crisis Experts help you identify audiences and prioritise groups with the greatest interest in your organisation’s activities and potential market issues in addition to accessing the influence and power of these parties. This includes thorough analysis of clients, regulators and the media, to develop a precise understanding of your current reputation and how your services or products and institutional culture are viewed. 

This workshop will deliver a multi-point action plan for risk mitigation, giving you the assurance that your organisation’s reputation can weather potential storms.

Crisis Communications Planning

The Crisis Experts provide a high-level desk-based review of your organisation’s existing crisis communications procedures and materials, casting a critical eye to identify potential deficiencies. 

More comprehensive on-site reviews also can be arranged , which include briefings with key staff, and an intelligence led audit based on the findings of the reputational risk assessment. 

Based on these exhaustive reviews, we will compile a robust crisis communications plan, media materials and social media strategy, working closely with you to ensure that the customised plans reflect your organisation’s culture and vision.

Crisis Spokesperson Development

The Crisis Experts offer specialist customised media training courses for up to four executives at a time. Each course is specifically designed to improve their skills and techniques in handling difficult media interviews. 

Bespoke scenarios are created based on your industry sector and the results of a reputation risk assessment, ensuring your team becomes familiar with the type of questioning they could face during a crisis. A competitor analysis helps fine tune questioning, which is also applied to the key message development process.

Our experienced trainers facilitate the day, with realism injected through use of a currently practising broadcast or print journalist and an audio visual crew who records every interview. 

Your team will tackle a gauntlet of ‘door step’ ambush interviews, live radio interviews, down-the-line TV interviews and outside broadcast interviews. 

All participants receive a crisis spokesperson’s manual containing key learning points, individual feedback notes and digital recordings of their performances.

Simulation Exercises

The Crisis Experts immerse your organisation in an intense and realistic crisis communications simulation exercises, testing the limits of your team and identifying blind spots or weaknesses for future remedy. 

An emphasis is placed on the importance of being capable of responding quickly and professionally, especially considering the ever growing dominance of the fast-paced digital and social media. 

Typically, this day-long exercise is led by two of our highly experienced facilitators, aided by other members of our team. 

The Crisis Experts will formulate a well-researched and tightly scripted scenario specific to your organisation, and supply a recording of the entire exercise alongside a thorough report detailing key learnings and recommendations to enhance your current crisis provisions.

On-call Consultancy

The Crisis Experts offer a 24-hour, scalable, international crisis response team that works closely with you to determine the nature and severity of the situation/incident and advise likely play-out scenarios. 

Our team can be deployed to the scene or work remotely, remaining in close contact with your senior executives to immediately analyse the situation and develop a robust response strategy. 

We will become your crisis press office, monitoring coverage and social media conversations, issuing a single phone number and email address to media and others so we can field all enquiries and ensure consistency of response.

Our team has supported a number of major international crises, including food scares, death and injury of employees/contractors, regulatory investigations and prosecutions.

Reputation Recovery

The Crisis Experts guide you through the crucial period immediately following a crisis, undertaking a complete review of the incident, assessing the performance of the crisis communications plan and identifying areas where lessons can be learned. 

Finalised in partnership with your senior team, this report provides informed updates to your crisis communications plan and your organisation’s workplace practices.  

The important task of rebuilding an organisation’s reputation commences with a research exercise among key audiences and stakeholders, assisting in the formulation of a communications plan to ensure there is no long-term reputational impact and that a repair strategy can be developed, if necessary.

Our Experience

Our team possesses decades of experience in managing crisis communications and is routinely asked by insurance underwriters to support their clients who experienced an incident or full-blown crisis.  

Product safety recalls
Fire safety

Criminal actions by employees

The Crisis Experts also prepare ongoing briefs for several industrial chemists, visitor attractions and schools, providing round-the-clock advice and support, ensuring they are equipped to manage any ensuing crisis.

Food and drink recalls
Supply chain fraud
Cybercrime and extortion

Our team has helped steer organisations through a wide variety of situations, including industrial accidents, occupational health issues, population health, criminal wrongdoing, environmental pollution and regulatory investigations. 

Terrorism and prohibited substances
Public inquiries
Sport cancellations or corruption

Our holistic support for several high risk Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) industrial sites also includes ongoing stakeholder relationship management and participation in incident rehearsals with emergency services and public health organisations.

Whistleblowers and corporate espionage
Environmental incidents and polluted land
Industrial incidents

Our Experts

The Crisis Experts has an extensive international network of crisis management specialists. Meet some of our consultants:

Andrew Baud

United Kingdom

A strategic communications consultant and reputation management specialist. Andrew has a hands-on, practical approach, and leverages his 25 years’ experience to support organisations through the toughest of challenges.

Ann Van Steenkiste

Benelux and France

Ann has more than 15 years of experience developing communication strategies and processes – both internal and external – to manage product recalls, site closures, redundancies and pollution crises.

Peter Heath

New Zealand

An internationally experienced communications consultant with a background in large public relations consultancies. Peter has extensive issues management and crisis communication experience.

Brad Whitworth

United States

Brad is a pre-eminent thought leader, lecturer and author in organizational communication who has led teams at global tech giants for more than 40 years. His crisis work spans earthquakes, wildfires, floods, volcanoes, hostile takeovers, software and hardware failures, and pandemics. Brad’s broadcast experience makes him cool under pressure and able to deliver credible crisis responses quickly.

Patrícia Josuá


Patrícia has over 25 years of experience in communications crisis prevention, management and training, as well as in developing strategies for both internal and external audiences. She has extensive knowledge of safety, security, and operational crisis support on global industries and access to a wide response and monitoring communications net throughout the country.

Ingrid Landahl


With 25 years in communications, Ingrid has extensive experience in reputation management. Her special focus areas are long-term reputation management and the development of in-house crisis management capabilities.

Marina Solovyova

Ukraine – Kyiv

Marina is an international communications consultant and reputation & crisis management expert with a practical approach and 20 years’ experience in international companies (8 Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries). She is also a Business Sustainability advisor and ESG & GRI reporting ambassador.

Nuria Martí

Southern Europe

A strategic marketing and public relations professional with 22 years’ experience. Nuria specialises in developing global communication strategies with a local approach for industrial corporations, contributing to their success in the international markets. 

Uschi Ahlborn, née Vogg


Uschi has nearly 30 years of experience in PR. She loves developing communication strategies and has accompanied various companies through crises, managing product recalls, relocations, takeover, and social issues such as child abuse. For more than 10 years she has also been a speaker and consultant at the Studieninstitut für Kommunikation in Düsseldorf.

Giancarlo Strocchia

Italy – Rome

Professional journalist and specialist in corporate communication and corporate social responsibility strategies, he has almost 25 years of activity in the field of content management, media training and crisis communication consultancy.

Angelo Brunello

Italy – Milan

Angelo has vast experience in the Communications and PR sectors, having worked in crisis, financial, corporate and consumer communications for several national and international companies for more than 20 years.

María Fernanda Legaspi Yáñez


Fernanda has been involved in event production, strategic communications and technology entrepreneurship for many years, across many sectors – from global development to gaming. In 2013, she founded her own successful PR agency with the goal of repositioning Latin America as a leader in disruptive, democratizing tech.

Chi-an Chang


Chi-an has more than a 15 years of cross-cultural global experience providing public relations campaigns, content strategies, strong storytelling and creative engaging event experiences for B2B, B2C and G2C clients such as Airbus, Amazon Web Services, American Library Association, Autodesk, Harman, Oracle, Taipei City Government, Volvo Construction Equipment and YMCA.