National Memorial Arboretum features on Amazing Starts Here

Amber Rose Gill with volunteers at the National Memorial Arboretum.

We know from our own lives that podcasts are one of the most accessible sources of entertainment and information, yet many in the PR industry still don’t factor them into their clients’ media relations strategies. With the UK set to have nearly 25 million listeners by 2024, podcasts really can’t be ignored. 

Working with National Lottery Good Causes on an episode of ‘Amazing Starts Here’ was a perfect opportunity for the National Memorial Arboretum to reach a new, younger audience.

We worked with the producers on story development, prepared the Arboretum’s spokespeople and made sure everything went smoothly on recording day.  

Listening to the episode, you can understand how the conversational and leisurely nature of podcasts, compared with news, offer a very powerful way for organisations to connect with their audiences.   

You can hear that the rapport between the presenter, Love Island’s Amber Rose Gill, and the team at the Arboretum was real and genuine, and that this podcast was the perfect way to share the inspirational stories of service and sacrifice from the Nation’s year-round place to Remember. 

You can listen to the podcast here.

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