Demonstrating that steel is the solution with Steel E-Motive

Our clients ask us to deliver integrated communications strategies, but what we really love are integrated communications teams. We work best with our clients when they welcome us into their team and trust us to collaborate with their own partners, stakeholders and customers.
We’ve been working closely with the highly professional Steel E-Motive programme team at Ricardo Automotive to earn that trust, and to build a relationship with their client WorldAutoSteel. The Steel E-Motive project is creating virtual concepts for fully autonomous ‘mobility as a service’ vehicle solutions. 

We are helping the partners with communications planning, strategy and thought leadership for the project as it develops, starting with writing monthly blogs that follow Steel E-Motive’s journey and reveal exciting new technical developments.

[Photo: the Steel E-Motive team]

Solving Global Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Challenges: A journey to demonstrate that steel is the solution
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