Introducing our TALA Crisis Navigator

‘Crisis’ is a word we hear all too often at the moment: ‘cost of living crisis’, ‘climate crisis’, ‘crisis in Ukraine’ – it’s overwhelming and terrifying. But in the world of planned and professional reputation management and communications, ‘crisis’ needn’t be such a scary word.   

Obviously, we all wish to never experience a single crisis in our career, yet as a specialist responder that is on call for numerous organisations, TALA has supported clients through hundreds of crisis situations. That experience gives us an innate understanding of how an incident will play out, the warning signs that you are losing control and the type of hard decisions that have to be made.   

Our resident crisis expert Corin Allen often talks about the ‘four Ps’ of effective crisis management, Predict, Prepare, Perform, Perfect and this forms a major part of our Crisis Navigator training sessions.    

We help participants identify potential risks, assess their standing with key stakeholders, and ensure they are confident talking to media should the worst happen. With experience of dealing with everything from Twitter hacks, to food contamination and historical abuse allegations, TALA has calmly navigated clients through a myriad of crises.   

If you’d like to find out more about how TALA can both help your company mitigate or eliminate risks and enable your team to feel confident in a crisis, do get in touch to find out more. 

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