Introducing our LinkedIn Navigator

Have you ever googled your name? Assuming you’re not a huge media personality, your LinkedIn profile is likely to be one of the first results, if not the top one. Your presence on this social network routinely shapes the first impressions of anyone doing desk-based research about you or your business. 

With this in mind, can you hand on heart say that you’re giving LinkedIn the attention it deserves? Are you harnessing the platform to advance your personal and organisational objectives? 

Chris Rowland has been helping TALA clients navigate their way around LinkedIn for more than six years by leading our bespoke ‘LinkedIn Navigator’ half-day training experience.  

The activity-driven sessions introduce you to the fundamentals of using LinkedIn effectively and give you some quick tips and tricks to incorporate LinkedIn into your regular workflow and make maximum use of your personal profile. 

You’ll learn how to share engaging content, build a valuable network of contacts and how to befriend the algorithm rather than fear it.  

The course also highlights some of the additional functionality offered by company pages and how organisations use the platform to demonstrate thought leadership, generate leads and aid the recruitment and retention of team members. 

Chris has actually been spending so much time showing people how to make effective use of the platform that he hasn’t always been good at practising what he preaches. One of his new year’s resolutions is to follow the advice he gives during LinkedIn Navigator training sessions! 

Please get in touch to learn more about LinkedIn Navigator and to book a training session with Chris.

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