Year 12 workshop at North Oxfordshire Academy

What happens when you bring together seven sixth form students and ask them to create a PR campaign to get grandad connected? 

Last week, Andrew Baud and Lex Rosenthal held TALA’s first year 12 workshop, at North Oxfordshire Academy in Banbury, exploring how harnessing the power of communications is a valuable skill for teenagers studying media, business, politics, English, psychology and more.  

Our practical, curriculum-based workshop focussed on where we get our news and information from, how we can influence behaviour and how organisations manage their reputations in a crisis. 

Then we set them a practical challenge – to get Grandad connected! They worked in groups to plan and present a campaign proposal to engage men over 70, and to encourage them to get connected as part of a social impact programme. We heard some fantastic creative PR ideas to reach an audience that was unfamiliar to them, and how they tied back to business objectives. 

Our session was also designed to introduce the students to career opportunities within public relations as they go on to make choices about their futures in the coming months.  

Indeed, we’ve committed to offering up to three paid internships to first year sixth formers from communities at any school in the Banbury area.   

We want to make sure that a career in communications is open to everyone and invest in the next generation of future talent within the PR sector. 

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