TALA mental health support

Last year we designated Sarah as our “lick a chicken” contact, for those awkward moments when you find yourself pondering “Would food poisoning be preferable to dealing with this situation?” 
Now, everyone knows that they can pick up the phone to Sarah for a friendly off-the-record chat, and she’ll work with them to find a solution or suggest external resources that could be of use. With no problem ever seen as being too small, we’ve found that “lick a chicken” encourages people to be more forthcoming about the challenges in their lives and it offers a quick and informal alternative to booking a therapy session with our trained counsellor. 
Recently Sarah completed a two-day mental health first aid course to expand her knowledge and equip her with the tools to provide better initial practical and emotional support to anyone in our team who might be experiencing poor mental health. She was introduced to a wealth of new resources and services, in addition to learning more about some of the most common workplace mental health conditions and strategies for effective management. 
Rather than force you to endure a staged photo of Sarah threatening to lick raw chicken, we’re sharing this photo of her indulging in some all-important self-care during a recent stay in Cornwall.

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