TALA shines spotlight on transport concepts of the future

At TALA, we lead communications strategies for organisations that help create a cleaner, healthier, smarter world.  

At this year’s Zemo20Zero, a landmark sustainability conference held at London City Hall, we were proud to represent two of the most innovative leaders in Future Mobility who are supporting the Zemo Partnership to accelerate transport to zero emissions, bringing us a step closer to realising the world that we all want to live in.   
From steel to style, our client and main sponsor at Zemo was forward-thinking future mobility client WorldAutoSteel, who unveiled Steel E-Motive, a fully autonomous ride-sharing vehicle concept made possible by Advanced High-Strength Steel.   

Cees ten Broek opened the evening celebration and talked of the many insightful discussions had throughout the day and how we are moving towards an exciting future of sustainable mobility.   
Another organisation and Zemo sponsor was Nyobolt, fresh from the launch of a revolutionary six-minute charge EV battery and concept vehicle at an event we had supported earlier in the week. At Zemo, Nyobolt fielded questions on their battery technology, and the exciting future applications it is certain to have – including the six-minute charge EV.   
At Zemo, we also checked in with Advanced Propulsion Centre UK with whom we have worked over many years. We were pleased to congratulate their Stakeholder Engagement Director Philippa Oldham, who won an award at the conference for the significant impact of her work across the transport and manufacturing sectors.     
It was a stretching period for the agency with so many of our clients, partners, stakeholders and key media contacts in action, but with so much positive news and momentum in the industry, we all felt a step closer to realising the world that we all want to live in.  

[Photo: Nyobolt]

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