Is there a knot in the Thread?

Along with pretty much everyone else, we’ve been playing around with Threads on our personal accounts over the past week contemplating the potential value the platform could offer to some of the organisations we work with.  

Twitter is fantastic for reaching journalists, sharing opinions and leading a debate but it can be fraught with reputational risk, as many brands have found out the hard way. For our public-facing clients, Threads could theoretically offer a less risky, friendlier and more manageable way to reach their core and already highly engaged Instagram audiences.  

However, being ‘manageable’ is the knot in the Thread for us right now.  

From a personal perspective, it’s fun to watch your friends and peers trying Threads out (although not being able to easily curate your feed is annoying), but at the moment it doesn’t feel a realistic platform for already stretched social media teams to use for their businesses or organisations.  

The fact that everything has to be managed through individual team members’ (often personal) phones is a big ask from team leaders, and the inability to schedule or manage posts via platform manager tools means that it just isn’t practical to fit into the myriad of tasks the social media teams already have on their plates.  

Threads has the potential to be a fantastic platform for some of our clients but until it can be integrated into Meta’s platform manager tools it is not going to be easy to really make the most of. Having said that, we’re still a bit scarred from all the glitches that the New Page Experience and Business Manager changeovers caused, so who knows how this would work! 

[Photo: Meta]

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