TALA moves office…upstairs!

We’ve moved office….upstairs! Team TALA has been growing steadily so it was time to create ourselves a bigger, more permanent space that we could call home. 

We’ve always prided ourselves on our flexible working practices, even before the pandemic, and they are firmly embedded in our culture. But, as shown by big businesses such as Amazon, Disney and now Zoom asking their staff to be in the office more often, we know that there are huge benefits to coming together regularly as a team.  

Also, we know how simple office staples, like a spacious desk, ergonomic chair and access to a reliable printer, can make a big difference to a working day, and not everyone has these at home. 

Our new office is filled with sunshine, quiet areas for private calls, spaces for creative thinking and idea sharing, and room for everyone to belong. Most importantly, we have a fancy new coffee machine and a well-stocked treat jar! 

The new TALA office is still part of Bloxham Mill, which means there are plenty of flexible meeting spaces, other creative agencies to socialise with and fantastic facilities, all set in the Oxfordshire countryside. Please come and see us! 

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