TALA launches GUM Playbrush for children to UK consumers

We love working on a new product launch and were excited to launch the new GUM Playbrush for children to UK consumers – after fully testing the product with our own families.   

The GUM Playbrush and app is designed to get even the most reluctant brushers excited about cleaning their teeth and help start a lifetime of healthy cleaning habits.  With a fabulous first review already on Tech Advisor we’re now eagerly awaiting further review postings across consumer media and gearing up further for the busy Christmas gift guide season – along with other exciting plans for the future. 

But importantly, while we love the fun games of the GUM Playbrush and app which children control with their brushing movements, we also support its aim to encourage longer, regular and more effective teeth cleaning, especially with nearly a quarter of five-year-olds found to have experienced tooth decay last year. 

From our experience working with healthcare clients, we know that proof really matters and we must always cite our sources, so here your obligatory references: 

1.     Playbrush Scientific Study demonstrating the value of electric and manual interactive toothbrushes in the context of toothbrushing 2018. Playbrush was renamed GUM Playbrush in 2023. 

2.     Savill G, McDonald L, Ramsey R, Zillmer R, Bertrand A, Unilever Oral Care London. Demonstrating the value of interactive toothbrushes for children.           

3.     ‘Oral health survey of five-year-old children 2022’ – National Dental Epidemiology Programme, Office for Health Improvement & Disparities 

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