TALA International partner harnesses the power of ‘glocalization’

Our international partner Nuria Martí has successfully harnessed the power of ‘glocalization’ as a communications strategy, an approach that underpins the TALA International Network.  

Nuria is the owner and director of Alarcon & Harris, an international PR agency based in Madrid, Spain. For more than 30 years the agency has developed global communications strategies for clients in international markets, but following the financial crisis of 2008 they needed a different strategy. By focussing on the local perspective, Nuria’s glocalization approach led the agency back into a stronger position than ever.  

Many of the organisations we work with at TALA in the UK also have a global reach. We have led many international campaigns over the years, from spreading the word on sustainable packaging for Sidel, promoting the chemistry that goes into water solutions for Dupont, and launching concept vehicles for WorldAutoSteel and Nyobolt.   

By collaborating with our partner PR experts in Europe, the US, Asia and even as far as New Zealand, the TALA International Network can offer our clients an invaluable local perspective, ‘glocalizing’ their organisational messages for their different audiences.  

We share our stakeholder insights, public affairs expertise, invaluable media contacts and work together to deliver co-ordinated, high impact international public relations programmes and campaigns to help our clients to meet their strategic goals across their key territories. https://www.teamtala.com/international-network/ 

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