PRCA apprentice Lotta’s first year with TALA

Having come straight from her A-Levels, Lotta joined us last September as TALA’s second-ever apprentice. One year into her PRCA apprenticeship, Lotta already has gained a huge range of skills that will last her entire PR career. 

Thanks to our leading role in the PR & Communications Apprentice Trailblazer Group at IfATE, we know how invaluable an apprenticeship can be for bringing on talent in the communications sector. Learning and working side-by-side is one of the best ways to hone skills and expand expertise. 

Through the PRCA, Lotta has taken part in webinars and attended virtual classrooms led by experts such as Jayne Constantinis, as well as completed assignments focused on event planning and organisation. 

These skills were put to work straight away within the TALA team. From crafting initial drafts of press releases for key clients to constructing media lists, designing press packs, supporting the facilitation of events, and overseeing arrangements for our Midsommar celebration this June, Lotta has fully immersed herself in the day-to-day work of a busy international PR agency. 

We also sent Lotta on a 10-week InDesign course to refine her creative design skills. This was fantastic for her development, but also a great resource to have within our agency that will be invaluable across our client portfolio. 

Lotta still has an important assessment to do in January, but she’s on track for a distinction in her Level 4 Diploma in Public Relations when she finishes her apprenticeship on 10 April. After 18 months of hard work, we’d better start planning a celebration!  

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