TALA International Network partner Uschi Ahlborn always gives ‘just a little bit more’

For nearly thirty years, Uschi Ahlborn, our German partner in the TALA International Network, has been doing what she enjoys most: good and agile press and public relations work and always giving ‘just a little bit more’.  

Almost twenty years ago, after having worked her up way from apprentice journalist to Managing Director in one of the largest international PR agency networks, Uschi decided to create her own strategic press and public relations agency to get back into the thick of things and be there for all clients as a contact person. 

Her agency UVPR’s motto is ‘Just a little bit more’ which is applied to everything – advice, quality, passion, service, openness, transparency – which why she makes a fantastic partner in the TALA International Network. 

Uschi’s wide range of clients span food and beverage, lifestyle and tourism, social and healthcare sectors and industry. UVPR has also supported the Tala International network for industrial clients such as Sunstar and Doxee and is currently supporting the introduction of Steel E-Motive to Germany and other automotive clients. 

From California to New Zealand, our international network spans several continents, but Uschi’s location must be one of the most picturesque.  

UVPR is headquartered 900m high in the Allgäu Alps, in an old mill she refurbished with her husband in 2014. Complete now with a working mill wheel to generate electricity, organic vegetable farm, organic shop and bee hives, we are very envious of Uschi’s working environment. Although sometimes giving ‘just a little bit more’ means the hiking or ski poles have to stay in the corner! 

The TALA International Network offers experienced team members ready to be deployed across Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific.  Together with our twelve partner agencies, we help organisations deliver cohesive and inspired global campaigns. 

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