TALA supports National Memorial Arboretum’s Remembrance Services

Every November we work closely with the National Memorial Arboretum team to welcome hordes of national and regional media to the Armed Forces Memorial on Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday, as we stand together to remember those who gave their lives in service of our country.  

Whilst the Arboretum’s events and marketing teams start securing attendance at these services weeks or even months in advance, media might not confirm until the day before. And sometimes broadcasters pull out on the morning if big news events take over, a call which all PRs dread. It’s always a relief the day after an event when you can send across mention counts in three or four figures and enjoy watching clippings from all of the national broadcasters! 

This year we were especially pleased to work with BBC Radio Stoke from an early planning stage to host an outside broadcast (or ‘OB’, as it is known) from the Arboretum on Remembrance Sunday for an expanded audience spanning the East and West Midlands, all the way from Nottinghamshire to Herefordshire.  

In addition to featuring key elements of the Service of Remembrance at the base of the Armed Forces Memorial as well as interviews with visitors, veterans and a range of Arboretum spokespeople. Much preparation was involved, from facilitating recces in advance to securing and briefing a wide range of guests for the show, but it resulted in poignant and comprehensive radio coverage of the Arboretum’s Remembrance commemorations. 

With all the conflicts still taking place around the world, Remembrance is as important now as it has ever been. It’s a great privilege to play our part in shining a light on the Arboretum’s pivotal role as the UK’s place to Remember, today and every day. 

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