Celebration, partnerships and memories at the MPMA Annual Dinner

Celebration, partnerships and memories – something to trumpet about! Thank you to the MPMA for all of this and more at the Annual Dinner for the Metal Packaging Manufacturers Association held last Friday at the Drapers Hall, in association with the Worshipful Company of Tin Plate Workers alias Wire Workers. 

Taking part in an event in a hall with such a rich history is a real privilege and also a powerful reminder of the part business plays in shaping our world today. 

There are 111 livery companies in the City of London, the first established in the 12th century by groups of tradesmen, craftsmen and merchants with similar skills and interests. 

Wireworking has been in existence since the 15th century, making objects such as needles, fish hooks, cages, chains and traps. The craftsmen formed a guild and were granted a Royal Charter on 29th December 1670 in the reign of Charles II called “The Trade Arte and Mistery of Tynne Plate Workers als Wyer Workers of the City of London”. 

Today about 90% of tin plate consumed is used for can-making and packaging, with the balance utilised for light engineering applications. 

Metal packaging and products, made from steel or aluminium play a vital part in delivering sustainable targets, metal being unique as a material because it is infinitely recyclable. The metal used in the first cans of the nineteenth century could still be in circulation today, perhaps in the kettle or car you use, highlighting the value of this material in preserving the planet’s precious resources. 

Metal packaging helps reduce waste in other ways too. Food in metal packaging has a significantly longer shelf life than in any other packaging material, while also maintaining the food’s nutritional value. 

Part of our work for the MPMA and member companies is to convey these important messages to business and consumer audiences, to ensure that metal remains as relevant and practical in our everyday lives as ever, while protecting the planet for generations to come. 

The Livery companies also continue to serve a vital purpose through their education, charitable work and career support. 

So that really is something to trumpet! 

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