Could you hire a PR apprentice?

Taking on a PR apprentice is a dynamic, cost-effective and rewarding way to nurture the future PR stars of your team, yet to date it has only been offered by a small number of forward-thinking organisations. Why? 

For the person looking to kick start a career in communications, PR apprenticeships are a brilliant way to learn on the job, get fantastic experience and earn a salary in the process. 

They are also now an even more relevant, dynamic and attractive option for employers, thanks to the efforts of TALA’s Andrew Baud and other PR experts from the Apprenticeship Trailblazer Group who recently secured more funding and created a new updated standard for PR and Communications Assistant apprenticeships. 

With the rise of cancel culture and the proliferation of social media platforms, organisations and individuals are increasingly facing challenges to their reputations. Andrew and his colleagues at organisations such as Wessex Water, the PRCA, The JGA Group and The Cabinet Office have made sure that PR apprenticeships continue to meet the demands of employers in an increasingly digital world, with more focus on building, protecting and maintaining a positive reputation for brands, organisations and individuals. 

At TALA, we have certainly seen the benefits of nurturing our first PR Apprentice, Lotta, as she’s on track for a distinction in her Level 4 Higher Level Apprenticeship, equivalent to a foundation degree/first year university. 

In fact, we have just closed applications for two more PR apprentices for 2024-5 and we can’t wait to see who will grow into PR star with us next. 

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