Introducing Comma, TALA’s crisis experts in Sweden

One of the main strengths of the TALA International Network, and the reason we first set it up, was to create a network of trusted partners that our clients could rely on in a crisis. 

Our partner agency, Comma, is sought after across Sweden for their expertise in addressing and resolving emerging crises. 

Ingrid is the entrepreneurial leader at the helm of Comma. With over two decades of expertise in strategic communication, her passion lies in crisis and reputation management and change communication. 

Ingrid has a great team, led by senior advisors and partners Jan and Merja, who bring years of experience and extensive networks to the company. 

Comma has consistently prioritised building enduring partnerships and being a trusted communication advisor that handles both positive and challenging news for their clients. 

Comma is also actively engaged in industry seminars and events, including an annual report on Sweden’s most and least reputable companies, and the yearly political week on the Swedish island of Gotland, a significant gathering for political parties and organisations. 

We love the culture at Comma, where even Ingrid’s Labradoodle Zorro gets involved in the Swedish fika gatherings at their cozy office in the heart of Stockholm. So much so that Andrew likes to call it his ‘holiday office’ when he’s on one of his regular trips back to his motherland! 

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