What is a data-led approach in public relations?

While the best PR campaigns affect how we feel, it is data that underpins sentiment and a data-led approach, incorporating principles of behavioural science, is the best way to create a lasting impact. How do we know? Because we have the data to prove it. 

We recently conducted some research for an occupational health organisation using our bespoke Sentiment Navigator product, and the results illustrate how they can guide communications strategies. 

We were tasked with researching current and emerging discussion topics, key influencers, and relative online engagement around absenteeism for corporate clients and insurance companies. 

Sentiment Navigator uses leading AI-analytics and Natural Language Processing to understand, quantify and provide a deeper look into the media sentiment and perception on the topics that really matter, as well as more general horizon scanning. 

We found that the impact of mental health absenteeism is a leading conversation, covering topics such as the cost of mental health absences on specific industries, advice on how to tackle absences, tips on working with a group insurer to get people to stay in work/get back to work after a period of sickness and updates on how businesses could be rewarded for their OH provisions in a bid to help long-term sick employees get back to work. 

Other discussions included the importance of targeting specific challenges such as menstruation, fertility and menopause in the workplace, as well as the impact of financial wellbeing on absenteeism. Personal injury and the importance of health and safety in the workplace also still generate high levels of engagement.  

The insight and data provided by our Sentiment Navigator tool led us to make several recommendations to improve the company’s messaging, and to identify and tailor content to new audiences.  

If you think our approach to data-led public relations could improve the effectiveness of your communications campaigns, please drop us a line at hello@teamtala.com for a Sentiment Navigator demonstration. 

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