Behavioural scientist Kristina Barger joins TALA to guide communications strategies

As seasoned communicators, we often instinctively know which tactics will work but our clients need more than that to justify a significant investment of their time, money, and reputation.   

In an era where information is abundant and frequently overwhelming, we’ve been harnessing the transformative power of insights derived from data analytics, and as a result our robust data-led methodology is now the cornerstone of our campaigns. 

However, while data informs the ‘what’ and ‘when’, we’re also embracing principles from behavioural science to guide and complement our tacit knowledge and combined decades of communications experience to deliver the ‘how’. 

To help us do this, we have welcomed Kristina Barger into the TALA family. 

Kristina has 20 years of experience in human cognition and behaviour in both NYC and London. Her work with clients across North America, Europe, APAC, and the Middle East, focuses on building evidence-based, measurable strategies for digital and face-to-face communications.  

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