North Oxfordshire Academy students try out PR skills during TALA workshop

Earlier this month, Lex and Jess had the privilege of visiting North Oxfordshire Academy, known locally as NOA, to deliver a workshop on careers in PR and hopefully inspire the next generation of PR pros.

As part of the morning, students examined the day’s news to see if they could identify which pieces might have been written by a PR. Did you know, it’s estimated that 80% of all the news you read in a newspaper is written by a PR? 

And then to give a true taster, students worked in groups to devise their own PR campaigns for a real-world B2C client within the ambient food space.    

To conclude, Jess and Lex gave their pitch for TALAs summer internship programme and highlighted our TALA Talent Academy. Open to students aged 17 and above, we offer one-to-two weeks paid work experience during the holidays to those keen to find out more about starting a career in PR. 

Find out more about internships, apprenticeships and the TALA Talent Academy here:

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