Stories bring the William Say & Co. Ltd, factory’s heritage to life

We often meet veterans through our work for the National Memorial Arboretum, but earlier this month it was an unexpected pleasure to meet Colin Bell, a 103-year-old former WW2 Flight Lieutenant and Mosquito pilot, on our tour of the William Say & Co., Ltd factory.

The William Say & Co., Ltd factory is the last of its kind in central London and it manufactures tins for a whole range of products, from candles and biscuits to paints and polishes.

Being experts in all things packaging, we are very used to developing communications campaigns for the packaging industry from the convenience of our desks and office. However, every now and then, we love to pull on the high vis and hard hats and explore the innovation, heritage and surprise stories for ourselves on the factory floor.

On our tour Stuart Wilkinson showed us new, state of the art and innovative cutting technology as well as the original machines that have been there since William Say began back in 1910s.

But its not just the machinery that makes this factory unique, the stories from the people we met brought the factory’s heritage to life.

Huge thanks to Dave and Darren, a father and son duo who have been distributing William Say and P Wilkinson products for over 40 years, and of course Colin,  who continued providing Wilkinsons and William Say with business tax support for 40 years after his retirement.

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