My week of work experience with TALA: Cicely

Half term wasn’t a typical week off for Year 12 student Cicely Glazebrook as she put her A-level coursework aside to spend three days with us at TALA getting some first-hand experience at an international PR agency. 

Cicely describes how she spent her time with us and how much she learnt about communications in three short days.

Day 1:

I started my day by meeting the very friendly TALA team and heading straight in to discuss more about the company and their values with Harriet. After completing a short knowledge test, I gained a better understanding of some key PR terms such as: Purdah, CIPR and PRCA.

Next, I received a talk from Lou on different types of journalism where we looked at the layouts of newspapers and their different political biases. After a session with Lauren, I now understand the benefits of the LinkedIn platform so I fully set up my profile and created a banner for it on Canva. I managed to connect with a few people I know and follow some businesses I am interested in, including TALA!

Following lunch, Chris taught me about media training and the importance of it in different types of interviews. We watched positive and negative examples from the media, showing the difference that the key techniques I had learnt about made on the quality of the interview.

Overall, my first day at TALA taught me skills that are applicable to any work environment and this has already given me a look into the PR world.

Day 2:

On the second day, I started by going outside with Lotta to take pictures using the company’s camera, including pictures of myself to upload to my LinkedIn profile.

After this, Harriett gave me the job of finding out information about some key contacts for a client of TALA’s. During this task, I utilised my LinkedIn profile sufficiently and managed to develop a better understanding of the platform.

Barney then gave me a task to complete for most of the day which involved creating social media posts for another key TALA contact: WorldAutoSteel. WorldAutoSteel is currently promoting their Steel E-Motive project for autonomous, steel cars. I had to create a social media post for Steel E-Motive for 3 main platforms: X, Instagram and LinkedIn.

To finish off, I came back to the newspapers that I had looked at on day 1, with Lou, and made notes answering questions that she had sent me about the topics. For example, ‘Do you notice any stories where the same pictures have been used across different newspapers and whether they phrase the stories differently according to their political biases?’

After day 2, I feel that I gained a full understanding of tasks that occur at TALA and the wide range of jobs within this sector.

Day 3:

Upon arriving at TALA for the third and final day, Dec approached me with the task of using HubSpot, a software that stores all of TALA’s contacts and clients. I was instructed to add in certain information into people’s profiles and also find out information about them.

Halfway throughout this task, Barney and I went over the mock social media posts I had created the day before. He gave me some important notes and I corrected them, making them fit better into the style of post according to the social media platform.

There was then a very interesting internal workshop where everyone received a talk about using research in PR, this detailed different types of research and the impact that it has on an article.

To last me the rest of the day, I was given the creative task of making a campaign for one of TALA’s clients: Canned Food UK. The campaign intended to get more 18-35 year olds interested in buying canned food. I created social media posts, posters and brainstormed ideas for adverts.

After my 3 days at TALA, I feel more aware of what is involved in working in PR and I can confidently say that I have learnt a wide range of skills while working there, such as: communication, organisation and confidence. Not only did this work experience help better my understanding of PR, it also gave me insight into the working world within an office and the interactions between employees.

Overall, TALA is a very friendly, exciting and hard-working place that has taught me a lot about a professional work environment. 

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