Integrated Social Media Strategies

Our clients expect fully integrated communications programmes from Tala, and we make sure that we deliver. We will work with you on a social media strategy, geared to your communications strategy, which identifies the role of social media in your business and sets goals for your social activity.

Developing an effective social media presence is rather like building any kind of relationship: you need to find out where the people you want to be “friends” with spend time; you need to turn up in that place at the right time; you need to spend time with them and be nice to them.

The relationships you build and maintain are the key to getting your message disseminated through social channels. Tala uses first class tools to help you find the audiences you need to reach (power influencers) and we help you to “listen” to their conversations. Once we all understand what these people are looking for, we can advise you on the kind of content (blogs, videos, infographics, images) you should be creating and sharing with your audiences.

At the simplest level, Tala can post to your social networks within a pre-agreed schedule, possibly against your pre-defined areas of thought leadership. We will monitor mentions of your brand so you can respond quickly and appropriately to comments left on social networks and you can be proactive in managing the news about your business as it emerges.

Many of our clients choose to reach beyond simply producing a handful of posts on social media networks. They want to use social activity to drive their businesses forward and to strengthen their brands. Once we have “listened” to your audiences, a picture will emerge of the kinds of content they are looking for. Fulfilling their needs and wants with great content will help you to achieve these goals. It’ll be on message and on topic.

Then we will leverage both your network and our own to push your content to the widest possible audience. It is rare for social media content to “go viral” without someone calling on their carefully nurtured relationships and asking “friends” to promote a social media post.

Additionally, if you’re looking to expand the social media reach for your business or to promote a specific product, service or event to people both within and beyond your current social media community, we can help to implement a specific social media campaign.  Running for an agreed period of time, this can include paid-for promotional opportunities, with carefully targeted posts to enable you to reach new audiences.

Tala understands that achieving great results is part of the long game. We also know that it is increasingly common for news to break on social networks before it reaches print. Our service is designed to help you stay ahead and keep control of your messages.

Gain results with deep insights into your social media

It has been said that the old adage ‘Money x Media = Business’ has been replaced by ‘Time x Media = Business’ (Shelly Kramer – listed among Forbes Thirty Women Entrepreneurs To Follow On Twitter).

The challenge for many businesses is that they only know if their time is invested in the right way if they track, review and respond. Businesses that monitor and respond are in an optimal position to exploit opportunities as they emerge. They also identify reputation management “hot spots” before they erupt.

Tala applies the same rigorous, professional approach to Social Media Reporting that we follow in all other areas of our work. Using a suite of high quality tools we are able to monitor and report on onsite activity to show which networks are delivering good quality traffic and to give insights into the effectiveness of your content. When you know what works, you can invest confidently in doing more of it.

Offsite monitoring is an equally important strand of activity. Tala has harnessed the leading analytical tools to help you maintain an active social media presence which combines listening and talking. We make extensive use of the reporting functions within these tools to help you monitor activity and identify the social activity which achieves your goals. Reports typically include details of brand mentions, issues, recommended social influencers in your market and monitor your competitors’ activities.

Gaining deep insights into your audiences allows you to create and share content that matters to them. Connecting with the right social influencers on the right networks will give you maximum results when you begin “talking”. Monitoring and responding gives you first mover advantage.

Perhaps we should say that Tala x Reporting = Business!