Our international network

Our international network of trusted communications agencies and specialists works together to deliver cohesive and inspired global campaigns for organisations that want to make the world a better place to live in, work in and experience.

TALA International offers clients specialist communications expertise in Europe, the Americas and Asia Pacific through our network of twelve hand-selected partner agencies and specialists.

From strategic communication planning to tactical implementation, we can work together or individually to deliver co-ordinated, high impact international public relations programmes and campaigns. By sharing our stakeholder insights, public affairs expertise and invaluable media contacts, the TALA international network helps our clients to meet their strategic goals across key territories.

The TALA international network also offers clients a comprehensive suite of reputation management services that can be deployed at short notice across several continents. We offer crisis communication support and training, as well as direct support during a crisis event and post-incident reputation recovery.

Reputation risk management workshops
Crisis communications planning
Crisis spokesperson development
Crisis simulation exercises
On-call consultancy
Reputation recovery

Our experts

Angelo Brunello


Angelo has vast experience in the Communications and PR sectors, having worked in crisis, financial, corporate and consumer communications for several national and international companies for more than 20 years.

Ann Van Steenkiste


Ann has more than 15 years of experience developing communication strategies and processes – both internal and external – to manage product recalls, site closures, redundancies and pollution crises.

Andrew Baud


A strategic communications consultant and reputation management specialist. Andrew has a hands-on, practical approach, and leverages his 25 years’ experience to support organisations through the toughest of challenges.

Ingrid Landahl


With 25 years in communications, Ingrid has extensive experience in reputation management. Her special focus areas are long-term reputation management and the development of in-house crisis management capabilities.

Uschi Ahlborn, née Vogg


Uschi has over 30 years of experience in PR. She loves developing communication strategies and has accompanied various companies through crises, managing product recalls, relocations, takeover, and social issues such as child abuse. For more than 10 years she has also been a speaker and consultant at the Studieninstitut für Kommunikation in Düsseldorf.

Nuria Martí


A strategic marketing and public relations professional with 22 years’ experience. Nuria specialises in developing global communication strategies with a local approach for industrial corporations, contributing to their success in the international markets.

Peter Heath


An internationally experienced communications consultant with a background in large public relations consultancies. Peter has extensive issues management and crisis communication experience.

María Fernanda Legaspi Yáñez


Fernanda has been involved in event production, strategic communications and technology entrepreneurship for many years, across many sectors – from global development to gaming. In 2013, she founded her own successful PR agency with the goal of repositioning Latin America as a leader in disruptive, democratizing tech.

Matylda Setlak


A PR, social media, and content marketing expert with over 15 years’ experience, Matylda is the founder and MD of a full service agency specialising in communication campaigns for international brands in Poland, and wherever Polish consumers live.

Brad Whitworth


Brad is a pre-eminent thought leader, lecturer and author in organizational communication who has led teams at global tech giants for more than 40 years. His crisis work spans earthquakes, wildfires, floods, volcanoes, hostile takeovers, software and hardware failures, and pandemics. Brad’s broadcast experience makes him cool under pressure and able to deliver credible crisis responses quickly.

Giancarlo Strocchia


A professional journalist and specialist in corporate communication and corporate social responsibility strategies, Giancarlo has almost 25 years of activity in the field of content management, media training and crisis communication consultancy.

Patrícia Josuá


Patrícia has over 25 years of experience in communications crisis prevention, management and training, as well as in developing strategies for both internal and external audiences. She has extensive knowledge of safety, security, and operational crisis support on global industries and access to a wide response and monitoring communications net throughout the country.

David Klucsik


A former journalist, David holds decades of international corporate experience.  He specializes in complex, controversial, and emotional issues involving business, industry, science, media, and public policy, often in a crisis context. From nuclear power plants and energy pipelines, to chemical and environmental issues, David shares his unique, first-hand experience, helping clients to manage issues, messaging and reputation.

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