Case Study: Pharma Webinars

doctors-net-logoBringing pharma clients and prospects together to deliver key messages and obtain their feedback can be a challenging and costly exercise. But Tala has helped – the UK’s largest online doctor network – find an innovative and cost-effective way of achieving this via a programme of joint webinars. The webinars, which have attracted hundreds of participants from across the world, have enabled key figures from to demonstrate their thought leadership position and engage with their target audience by delivering interactive presentations alongside well-known industry experts.

Thanks to the interactive style of the events, the audience can post questions that are answered during live Q&A sessions, time permitting, or on an individual basis afterwards. This not only helps to ensure that the content meets their specific information needs but also enables to build closer relationships with them.

The first webinar was held with Pharmaceutical Market Europe (PME) and its website. It proved so successful that the venture was extended to’s unique global alliance of trusted doctor networks – Networks in Health – and webinars were run in conjunction two more partners – Pharma Times and Pharmaphorum.