Reputation Management Services

Tala offers a full range of crisis communications and reputational management services.

Reputational Risk Assessment

Tala facilitates workshops involving the senior team from the client organisation which brainstorm and analyse reputational risks and their relative likelihood and impact. As part of the workshop, consultancy is offered about the strategies that may be implemented to mitigate the risks that have been identified.

Stakeholder audit and analysis

During the workshop those audiences with the greatest power and interest in the organisation’s activities are identified, along with their market issues. The groups analysed will include clients, regulators and the media. Tala’s crisis team will then build an understanding of their views on the organisation’s reputation, service and culture. In combination with the reputational risk assessment, a multi-point action plan for risk mitigation is created.

Simulation exercise

Tala’s experienced team can provide full crisis communications simulation exercises, with emphasis being placed on the importance of responding quickly to digital and social media. Typically this day-long exercise would involve two facilitators and a number of role players. Based on well-researched and tightly scripted scenarios, and with recording of the entire exercise, a detailed report on key learnings and recommendations arising will be presented.

Crisis spokesperson development

Tala can run a media training course, for up to four executives at a time, to improve their skills and techniques in handling difficult media interviews. The scenarios are fully worked up, based on prior reputation risk assessments. The day includes an experienced tutor, with realism injected through use of a currently practising broadcast/print journalist and an audio visual crew who will record every interview. Trainees will experience ‘door step’ interviews, live radio interviews, down-the-line TV interviews and outside broadcast interviews. Learnings are consolidated in a crisis spokesperson’s manual. All trainees will receive individual feedback notes and a DVD of their performances.

Crisis communications planning

Tala can provide a high level desk based review of the organisation’s crisis communications procedures and materials. Alternatively, a more comprehensive review can be arranged that includes a detailed on site review of crisis communications planning with key staff, and an audit based on the findings of the reputation risk assessment. Based on this comprehensive review, a fresh crisis communications plan and media materials are developed, working closely with the client.

On call consultancy

Tala can provide a 24 hour, scalable, international crisis team to work closely with the client to determine the nature and severity of the situation/incident and advise likely play-out scenarios.  Working alongside senior executives, the crisis management team and sometimes other retained PR agencies, we will quickly analyse the situation develop a robust response strategy. We can become a crisis press office, issuing a single phone number and email address to media and others.

Tala recently assisted a high profile food manufacturer when it was affected by the horsemeat in food scandal. The company was provided with 24/7 strategic communications support and a crisis press office that supported the client with the creation of supporting media materials and fielding of many hundreds of enquiries. The strategy revolved around positioning the client as a responsible operator that was willing to lead the industry in implementing higher levels of best practice testing.