Are you interested in a career in PR and Communications?

At TALA, we’re on a mission to help young people unlock their full potential by giving them the opportunity to gain valuable life-long skills and experience to succeed in the dynamic world of PR.  

If you are looking to pursue a career in communications, the TALA Talent Academy is the perfect place to start. Joining together with FE Colleges and Universities that have specialist PR, communications, and journalism courses, we can ensure you get the very best start to your career in PR.

In the TALA Talent Academy we have pathways for:

Level 4 PRCA apprenticeships  
Internships/work experience 
Graduate jobs 
Postgraduate/post-masters jobs

We know how invaluable an apprenticeship can be for introducing talented people to the communications sector. Through our involvement with PRCA we offer level 4 PRCA apprenticeships, which will provide you with a hands-on experience during an 18-month programme.  

As an apprentice, you’ll work alongside PR experts, helping with tasks such as drafting news releases, constructing media lists, designing press packs, and supporting our team. This is an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience and become an essential part of our team.

Our Pathways Include:

At TALA we strongly believe in offering structured progression pathways and recognise that training and development shouldn’t stop when you land your first role. Therefore, we offer an annual training budget allowing you to invest in any training course that can support your career development and help you to reach your future goals. 

Apprentice – Junior Account Executive

A PRCA level 4 apprenticeship scheme: 18 months of hands-on experience working full time with one day a week training and development and progressing to a Junior Account Executive role within TALA at the end of the programme.

Account Executive – Senior Account Executive

A Degree/Masters qualification – entering TALA as an Account Executive playing a key role on up to five clients within the business and a pathway to a Senior Account Executive after 1-2 years of experience.

Senior Account Executive – Account Manager

After 3 years of experience – Senior Account Executive to an Account Manager.

Account Manager – Account Director

After 5+ years’ experience – Account Manager to Senior Account Manager to an Account Director.

Then we have Associate Director and Director roles. 

Work Experience

We know how valuable work experience can be to help young people gain practical experience in an office environment, to attract the attention of future employers, and to develop professional relationships. That’s why we also offer paid internships and work experience placements. If you are over the age of 16 and are interested in gaining some short-term work experience in the PR sector, whether it’s for a week or up to a year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  

Personal development

At TALA, we believe personal growth is not only crucial for career development but can also have a significant impact on your personal life. Our goal is to support our team in achieving their personal goals, whether it’s to learn a new language or would like to run a marathon. We are committed to being the driving force that motivates you to achieve those goals. Each member of the team has a personal development programme to support this career development, so you grow with TALA. 

Get in touch at to kickstart your career in PR. 

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