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We offer a range of strategic communication services that will help you to meet your organisation’s strategic goals. From public affairs to media relations, bespoke spokesperson training to crisis management in a digital world, our strategic counsel builds and protects the reputations of our clients based on the impact they make on society and the environment.

Communications Strategy

We’ll work closely with your team to get fully immersed in your business and the needs of the people that matter to you. We’ll shape your organisation’s approach and the messages you want to convey to the wider world.

Profile Building

Our experienced team of strategic consultants in the UK, or from across our international network, will bring your business to life through creative tactics, carefully curated events and brilliant storytelling.

Relationship Development

We’ll use our tools and contacts to help you engage your key audiences and demonstrate your thoughts leadership credentials – from government ministers to journalists and local communities

Reputation Management

We’ll be there for you when the going gets tough. We’ll make sure that you’re prepared to tackle issues that could impact your reputation and establish robust crisis management strategies so that your organisation can weather any storm.

Software and Training

Our bespoke training packages, including Media Navigator and LinkedIn Navigator, aim to get the very best out of your people, nurturing them as spokespeople and ambassadors.

You never know when or where you’ll be when a crisis hits. CRISIS NAVIGATOR lets you manage crisis situations holistically and virtually using just your laptop, tablet or phone.

Access your crisis plan, escalation procedures, alerting functions, statements and more. Communicate with your Crisis Management Team quickly and simultaneously, whether working from home, office or any other remote location.

How ready are you to face TV crews, tabloid press or Twitter trolls? Our spokesperson media training will give you the confidence to communicate clear, accurate messages to a whole range of media.

Our interactive, practical sessions are run by an experienced broadcast journalist using a range of scenarios. We’ll work on your key messages, practice real interviews and provide you with tailored tips for the future.

Our LinkedIn masterclass will show you how to make the most of the only major social media platform aimed at professionals.

Learn how to demonstrate your thought leadership credentials, boost awareness of your company’s products and services, generate new leads and partners, and help with recruitment and retention.

Any great communications strategy should start with understanding where the current conversation is, and where there’s an opportunity to take it.

Our Sentiment Navigator uses leading AI-analytics and Natural Language Processing to understand, quantify and provide a deeper look into the media sentiment and perception on the topics that actually matter to your business

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